We're taking the guess work out of the labeling process. We've compiled a few easy guidelines below to help create the perfectly labeled bottle. We also curated a list of wines and champagne brands below that will work with each of our label sizes. 


label height

Before choosing your bottles, you'll need to know how tall your labels are. We currently offer 5 different label sizes, shown below. So why is label height important?  You'll want  bottles with a straight portion taller than your label to prevent bubbling or crinkling during the application process. If the body is too short, the labels will bubble at the top or bottom (or both).


bottle shape

We prefer smooth bottles with a straight body that's the same width from top to bottom, just like the bottle shown here. Most Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc bottles (or something with a similar shape) are perfect for you labels, as well as champagne bottles similar to the shape of  Veuve or Moet Chandon.

Our labels *can* ...we repeat *can*...work on certain bottles with a little curve in the body (think La Marca prosecco) , however you will need razor-sharp label placement skills to be sure they go on flat. We don't recommend using a curved bottle unless you're comfortable with a little bubbling or bunching of your labels on the bottle. If you choose to use a curved bottle, we definitely recommend to spend a little extra time and patience to make sure the labels go on perfectly.

body height

If you want to prevent bubbling and wrinkling, you have to make sure the straight portion of your bottle is taller than you labels. Having a straight body that is too short for your labels is the number one reason for label bubbling.  When in doubt, measure it out! 



label size guide


Wondering if a certain type of wine or champagne will work with your labels? We created a printable label size guide for you to print, cut, and have a sample that can take bottle shopping with you.

Label with Love - Wine and Champagne Label Size Guide

recommended brands


The key to fitting a bottle is purchasing a wine or champagne that features a straight body and high shoulders. One of our favorite brands is Barefoot  because you can easily find it in most supermarkets and most varietals (like Cab, Merlot & Moscato) are the same shape and size. 

We've also curated a few Pinterest Boards that include wines and champagnes that will fit our labels. Each board is broken down by the label type, so you know exactly which brands will work best!


All of our full sized Champagne Labels will also work great on bottles of wine! This includes most Pinot Noirs,  most Chardonnays, and all of our recommend wine bottles. Our Small Wine Labels will also work great on any of the brands found on the Large Wine Label board.